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Same-Day Dentures

Rendering of removable partial dentureA same-day or immediate denture is a removable dental appliance used to replace missing teeth. These dentures are inserted on the same day your teeth are removed.

At JP Dental & Implant Center, we can provide you with same-day dentures so that you can walk out with a full and bright smile.

Placement of Immediate Dentures

The creation and placement of immediate dentures differ from traditional dentures. One of the biggest differences is that immediate dentures are created before the teeth have been extracted while permanent dentures are created once the soft and hard tissues of the mouth have healed.

At JP Dental & Implant Center, Dr. John P. Poovey and Dr. Wilcox will first take the impressions of your existing teeth and gums. These impressions will be used to create a set of duplicate artificial teeth which will be placed in your mouth immediately after extraction.

Once these dentures are made, you will arrive to get your teeth removed. Same-day dentures are inserted in your mouth immediately after the procedure, giving you a full smile.

After the operation, you must take very good care of your oral hygiene. Even though you do not have any natural teeth left, your gums and dentures need to be cleaned meticulously, as well, to prevent periodontal disease.

In the initial weeks, you will experience some bleeding and swelling from your gums. In eight to 12 weeks. though, your gums and bone structure will settle down and shrink back to their original size. At this time, it is important that you schedule an appointment with us so that we can monitor the health of your gum and see if your dentures need adjustment. We may recommend relining or adding a tissue conditioner to your dentures to give you a comfortable fit.

Keep in mind though that a same-day denture is rarely used as a permanent measure. Once your gums and teeth are fully healed, we recommend you get fitted with permanent dentures.

Advantages of Immediate Dentures

There are several benefits of immediate dentures. The biggest advantage is that you do not need to appear in public without your teeth. It is also easier to duplicate the color, shape, and alignment of your teeth while some natural teeth remain in your mouth. Same-day denture is inserted in your mouth immediately after all your teeth have been removed. As such, it acts as a Band-Aid and helps to curb bleeding and lessen swelling.

An immediate denture will also let you establish your speaking ability early on. You will not have to learn to speak without any teeth in your mouth and then a few months later, relearn how to speak comfortably with conventional dentures. It will also help you learn to eat and chew properly early on with minimum facial distortion.

Can Anyone Wear Same-Day Dentures?

Although same-day dentures can work well for many people, not everyone is a candidate for them. Some people may have specific oral issues or general health problems, and these people may be advised against getting same-day dentures.

If you are missing a majority of your teeth or are completely edentulous, schedule an appointment with us by calling us at (970) 822-7622 today so that we can determine whether same-day dentures are a good choice for you.


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